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Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia

that he (the Emperor should any oppertunity yet offer would 

continue to advocate their cause.  He replied that he would never 

desert it.  In the original treaty with France he had taken 

a very active part in their behalf but the obstacles were so 

very great on the part of the French Government, which at that time 

had great and extravagant colonial schemes in prospect, that 

he found it impossible to realize his wishes.  In a period succeed-

ing this, viz, during the Congress at Vienna he had exerted him-

self again, he had united with the British Minister in their 

favor, and the new and great obstacles had risen up on the part 

of other Nations, concerned in the odious traffic, he trusted 

that some further advantage had been gained there; something 

like the foundation of new treaties on this important Subject 

had been laid there, and at a subsequent period ever since 

his last arrival in Paris, he had again taken up their cause 

and in conjunction with the British Minister again he had 

been so successful, that France had agreed to give up the 

remaining term of four years continuance of the trade, so that 

another Nation had been added to the list of those who had 

abandoned the infamous traffic.  I replied that we were all 

of us sensible that great things had been done, for which 

we could not be too thankful, and that he (the Emperor had 

been a most powerful instrument under Providence in 

accomplishing them,

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Thomas Clarkson Papers

Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia


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