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Charles Green, Ex-Slave Narrative


File                                        District #6
Copied                                      Clark County
1/15/41                                  Racial Group.

                 CHARLES GREEN.

                Ex-slave, 78 years.

     "I wuz bawn in Mason County, Kaintucky, in 1859, en I wuz 78 my

last birthday, May 3.  Mother en father wuz Mary en Henry Green.  Ole

man Wallingsford owned mother, en my two sisters en me; father he be-

longed to Charles Dobbins." 

     "Wallingsford owned a fair size plantation, en he raised rye,

wheat, cawn, en cattle en sheep.  He allus had bout 1500 sheep." 

     "Ole Miss wuz good ter us; but him, de devil wuz'nt no meaner."

     "Us allus slep' in de kitchen en de winter, but wen de weather

got warm nough us slep' out on er porch.  Mother wuz de cook, en done

all kine er wuk bout de place - washing', iron', weavin', all else

what dey tole her ter do.  Den she died, en us chilluns wuz left ter

de care er Ole Miss.  She wuz jus' as sweet - lak er angel."

     "I doan guess none er de slaves knowed whut it wuz ter have much

clothes, us went bar'foot fum March ter  November whilst Ole Marse

lived, but Ole Miss wuz heap mo' considahrat;  all de same us went

bar'foot mos' all er time en good weather."

     "Us nebber had no books, en nebber played no games 'cept marbles

en mumblin' peg."                                  

     "When us went to church us goes ter de white folks church en set

en er back seats.  Dey wuz Ironside Baptist.  Dey uster sing a song

called "Come Ter De Ole Church Yard."


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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Charles Green, Ex-Slave Narrative


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