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Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
War Department,

							October 23, 1917.

Colonel Charles Young,
Wilberforce University,
Wilberforce, Ohio.

My dear Friend:

	I have just returned from the Reserve Officers 
Training Camp at Fort Des Moines, Iowa, and hasten to 
answer your kind and encouraging letter of October 10th 
relative to my appointment as Special Assistant to the 
Secretary of War.

	I cannot tell you how much I value and appreciate 
your sincere message of congratulation.  All that I 
can say is that I shall do my best to be of service to 
Secretary Baker in every way possible.

	May I not count upon you for frequent counsel 
and suggestions on any and all matters affecting the 
interests of colored soldiers and citizens during the 
period of the present war?  I am serving merely in a 
representative capacity and I want you and all other 
loyal and patriotic Americans to know that I earnestly 
desire your closest possible cooperation.

			With thanks and best wishes,

				Sincerely yours,
				Emmett Scott
					Special Assistant, War Dept.

If you come this may I want to talk 
with you: I have a memorandum 
I want you to go over with me

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young


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