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Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903
                    OF THE A. M. E. CHURCH                45

                                      CAPE TOWN, May 29, 1903.
     DEAR SISTER:--Your kind letter came during my absence from
Cape Town where I had accompanied Mr. Coppin 1360 miles out
into Matabeleland, hence my tardiness in replying.
     I thank you for the kindly expressions of interest which you and
the members of the Mite Societies have in our work out here. You
ask how you can best help us with the work at Bethel Institute. I
beg to suggest, that the greatest need just now is proper dormitory
accomodations for the students, who come to us from up the country.
All that the parents are able to pay barely covers the expense for
board, and in some cases a little for tuition.  But we have thirty or
forty of them whom we are housing at a cost of 21(pound) per month, which
is $101.00 per month. It is difficult to find this money every month
and yet nothing better can be done until we are able to buy or build
a dormitory. We have a double house rented for the purpose, and a
good christian woman acting as matron, and the moral, religious and
intellectual needs of the students, are carefully looked after.  Now,
if the societies would be willing to assume any portion of this monthly
expense for dormitory rent, it would greatly aid us and lift a burden
that is really heavy.  We are certainly grateful for this thoughtfulness
and wish to help us, on the part of Holy Trinity, for the needs are
     Again assuring you of our gratitude for your kindly interest and
with love to you and all the dear people at Wilberforce, I am ever,
                                      Yours truly,
                                               FANNIE J. COPPIN.

                              WILBERFORCE, OHIO, July 3, 1903.
To the President and Members of the Mite Missionary Society of the Ohio
       Annual Conference; Greeting:--
     MY DEAR SISTERS:--Payne Theological Seminary sends greeting
and prays God's blessing on your session.  We have just closed a
very successful year's work.  Our enrollment was larger than ever
before, numbering 46 students.  Our graduating class, numbering II,
was the largest in the history of the school.  These go to different
fields and some have already been assigned work.  We wish them a
successful future.
    Through the liberality of the church, conferences and missionary
societies last year, we were enabled to pay over $2000 on our interest
and indebtedness, making a net reduction of over $1400 on the debt.
    We thank you for your liberality last year and ask your continued


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903

Date:  1903


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