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Letter from Reed Paige Clarke to Dr. Booker T. Washington

1424 Eleventh St., N.W.
Washington, D.C.
November 10, 1911

My dear Doctor:

     Yesterday Mr. Hale, the Third Assistant Secretary of State, Captain McCoy of 

the War Department and I were discussing the matter of the appointment of a military 

attache at Monrovia to aid in the reorganization of the Liberian Constabulary, or 

Frontier Police.  The military attache would act in an advisory capacity only, 

but his advice, if the services of the right man can be secured, would have great weight and 

would be invaluable.

     There seems to be one colored officer on the active list of the Army who is 

especially well fitted for the work and that is Captain Charles Young, Ninth Cavalry, 

U.S.A., (now at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming) who was recently attached to our legation 

at Port au Prince, Haiti.  He has made an admirable record and is apparently just the 

men for a position where considerable tact and great executive ability are required.  

Captain Young is a graduate of West Point.  He was highly recommended by Mr. Justice 

Stewart, of the Liberian Supreme Court, who was in Washington last week.

     If you care to write to Captain Young, whom you probably know, and to enlist 

his active interest in Liberia I shall be very grateful, as I am anxious to have the 

reorganization of the Constabulary proceed in an orderly manner and with the minimum 

of delay.

With best wishes, I am:

Yours very sincerely,
(Signed) Reed Paige Clarke.

Dr. Booker T. Washington
Tuskegee Institute, Alabama.

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from Reed Paige Clarke to Dr. Booker T. Washington


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