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Letter from William Service Bell to Mrs. Young
				Colonel Charles Young Post 398
				Department of New York
				2350 Seventh Ave. 	New York City
				Phone Audubon 2359
				[American Legion seal]
				Copyright 1919
				The American Legion

Thomas H. Walters  Commander
William Service Bell  1st Vice-Commander
Nathaniel A. Burrell, Jr.  2nd Vice-Commander
McDonald Spencer  3rd Vice-Commander
Emanuel A. Romero  Adjutant
I. Newton Braithwaite  Assistant Adjutant
Alonzo F. Burnham, Jr.  Finance Officer
William H. Cooper  Service Officer
Rev. Marshal L. Shepard  Chaplain

Executive Committee
C. Benj. Curley  Chairman
Matthew V. Boutte
Reginald W. Overton
Thomas B. Dyett
Post Commander
1st Vice-Commander
Finance Officer
Service Officer

						May 5th, 1923.

My Dear Mrs. Young:-

		With ten thousand apologies for again disturbing 
you concerning our effort to conduct Honor Services over the remains 
of Colonel Young, I am enclosing you this message from the War Dep't. 
which has just this moment come into my hands.

		We are, as I have before stated, having the fin-
est cooperation from the many individuals and organizations ad[n]d the 
services promise to be very successful.  I have written for the 27th 
so as to allow for completion of plans and for the possible delay of 
the steamer.

		The sooner I am able to state a definite date 
the better it will be for the making of my program.

		I am asking that you return the enclosed letter 
from the War Dep't. as these letters are important to thecompleteness 
of my files.  Am also enclosing stamped envelope for return.

		For the success of our efforts and hoping for 
your good health, I am.

		Very truly yours,
				Wm Service Bell

				William Service Bell,	

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from William Service Bell to Mrs. Young


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