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Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner
 to be placed by the side of the white soldier but is to be 
organized into companies regiments and Brigades by themselves 
with white officers.
This is considered the master stroke of policy and has produced a 
most cheering and beneficial result amoung the soldiers they 
received it with shouts and acclamations of applause.
Some of the darkies with their families are to cultivate the 
plantations here while others are to act the soldier and keep 
[items] back the guerillas.  I think the slavery question which 
has puzzled our fathers for 50 years is now being solved.
You spoke of Alex Kentner wishing to buy our land sell it to him 
for 350. dollars in gold all down.  
I would not advise you to sell it at any price that will soon be 
worth 500. and if can get along in my absence without suffering 
or selling it it will pay us well to keep it I intend to make it 
valuable by clearing a little more on it.  
I am most happy indeed to hear that you are all well and that the 
sculptor(?) is "a smart boy" Good night: kiss the babes for me.


Jac. Bruner

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Jacob Bruner Papers

Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner


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