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Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia

the decree now mentioned, and moreover that the continuance 

of the Slave trade by the Allies were direct variance 

with their own principles as Governors, but we could not 

cure great and inveterate evils at once; besides the difficulties 

at Vienna were much greater than I had any notion of, 

the decree which I had suggested might have been passed 

if some of the most powerful of the Sovereigns had agreed 

upon it; and if at the same time they had agreed to 

use force; but the Congress at Vienna consisted of Sovereigns 

united, and in alliance for one great object, viz the 

future safety, peace and tranquility of Europe, whose 

harmony was essentially necessary as far as it could be 

obtained.  This harmony must have been broken if such 

A Decree had been persisted in; he trusted however that 

our great object would be finally accomplished in con-

sequence of what had already taken place, indeed he 

did not doubt it; great progress had been already made 

a new Nation (France) had now come fully into the 

measure, and he did not doubt from what he had seen 

and heard that Spain and Portugal would follow.  

If any other exertions on his past were necessary, 

it was only for us to point them out, and he should 

attend to our suggestions on the principle of Duty,

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Thomas Clarkson Papers

Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia


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