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Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner
Millikins Bend La
April 21st 1863

Dr. Wife:

We are now recruiting for the Louisiana 9th We intend to go up 
rive tomorrow on a steam boat with a squad of men in search of 
recruits.  Our Colonels' name is Herman Lieb (Lech)  He was Major 
of the 8th Ill. Vols. But has accepted a Colonelcy in this 
regiment.  The 68th is now about ten miles in the country 
building a military road. Some two or three regiments are 
employed at a time and rare then relieved.  This road extends 
from Millikins Bend to the Miss. River below Vicksburgh.
The 68th is now encamped near the Rail-Road which extends from 
Vicksburgh toward Texas and upon which the rebels formerly no 
doubt obtained vast supplies.   

We expect the regiment back tomorrow.
You asked me to tell you the names of our Generals here.  General 
Grant commands the western army.  General McPherson commands the 
17th Army corps which consists of several Divisions and is the 
one to which we belong.  General John  A. Logan  commands our 3 
Divisions which consists of 13 regiments.  Col Legett of the 78th 
Ohio Vols.  

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Jacob Bruner Papers

Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner


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