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Letter from Oswald Garrison Villard to Charles Young
Oswald Garrison Villard
No. 20 Vesey Street
New York

August 2, 1913.

Major Charles Young, 
Wilberforce, Ohio.

Dear Major Young:

         I have your kind letter of July 30th, and shall be glad 

to see you whenever you come to New York.  I trust that you are over-

coming that trying fever.

        The matter of the colored New York Militia regiment is 

what I wish to talk to you about.  After a great show of fuss and fea-

thers last year, and the statement that seven hundred and fifty men 

were drilling in Harlem in anticipation of the regiment, now that a 

battalion has been authorized enough physically capable men have not 

been discovered to fill a company.  I need not tell you that it would be a 

very great blow to the colored people in this town and elsewhere if 

after having obtained representation in the Guard they should fall down as badly 

as this would seem to indicate.  I am urging Dr. DuBois to interest 

himself in the matter, and feel that if you could stir people up here 

it would also be most helpful.

         You will be interested to know that the State Militia 

authorities would rather have you take the regiment in hand than any-

body else, and they want to see you as soon as you come East and find 

out whether you would accept a detail for duty with the organization 

and the colonelcy, if a full regiment comes to pass.  The War Depart-

ment has just made a ruling that a regular army officer may after all, command a 

Militia regiment, and sent Major Martin to an Oregon regiment.  

With kind regards,
Sincerely yours,
Oswald Garrison Villard

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from Oswald Garrison Villard to Charles Young


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