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Kate Dudley Baumont, Ex-Slave Narrative

Flie								District #6
Copied								Clark County
1-15-41								Racial Group


                               KATE DUDLEY BAUMONT.

                            Ex-slave, age unknown .

	"I wuz very young when freedom come; still I can member lots 

of t'tings, en then, too, my fam'ly been in slavery foh sech a long

time, dat dey offen talked, en told us so much bout t'tings dat happened."

	"I wuz bawned in Bass County, Kentucky, jes' twelve miles from

Mt. Sterling.  Father en Mother wuz owned by a Mr. Preston of Lexington.

Dey had been give to him when he got married - in fact, his folks give 

him twenty of us slaves.  Mr. Preston lived in Lexington, en had a fine

place en sev'ral house servants.  Den too, he had de fahm near Mt. Sterling,

of bout 200 acres, en twenty of us - or thereabouts - lived on dat place.

Dey was five of us childun; Will, Lewis, Lucindie, Harriet en me."

	"Our mother died when we wuz very young, en our grandmother looked 

after us.  Grandmother en my aunt Nancy wuz very fine seamstresses, en dey

would go in town to de Preston home, en sew for weeks at a time makin' close

fod de whole fam'ly.  Us childun's close wuz well made en we had much more

den some slaves, cause my grandmother en aunt see to it day we had t'ings,

en dey made some of de t'ings day made foh de Preston girls.  "e did have to 

go bare-foot in summer time, but when de weather got cool we begun to wear 


	Mr. Preston would come out once in a while, en I member him giv-

in' us all nickels, en some of de older ones a good little bit of money."

	"We had a church bout t'ree miles from us, en a preacher called

Uncle Willis, who later wua a school teacher, en we went to school to him."

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Kate Dudley Baumont, Ex-Slave Narrative


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