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Letter from Wilson Ballard to Hawkins
Liberian Frontier Force.

Monrovia, Liberia,
November 30, 1914.

Dear Hawkins:

           It has been my intention for some time to write you, 

but so much palaver, and having the reduction of/the Force on my 

hands, and being compelled to make several trips down the coast, 

these things have consumed my time and attention.  Now I am about 

worn out, for it has been go go constantly for me for nearly three 

           I have one main object in writing you at this time, 

and that object is to your best interest.  I trust you will not 

entertain the slightest idea that in writing you unsolicited on a 

question which in almost purely personal with you that I have any 

ulterior motive in doing so, but developments of the past few 

months have brought about a state of affairs that should be made 

plain to you in order that you may not run into another unpleasant 

affair as your appointment occasioned.  Permit my to be plain that 

I may be brief.

              I have decided not to renew my contract for another 

year, and this of course will cause a vacancy in the rank of Major 

Comdg. the L.F.F., and naturally because of your seniority of rank 

you would be appointed to succeed me provided matters were permitted 

to go in their order.  But the old forces which opposed you original 

appointment are still at work, and the moment you advance your 

claim these same forces will seek to obtain (and doubtless will suc-

ceed) your removal from the Force; and this would happen in spite 

of any efforts which might be exerted in your behalf by your friends 

who have so loyally stood by you all along.  This is no second 

hand information but comes direct and may be relied upon.

                  When I decided to resign I made it my business to 

ascertain personally what would be done after my resignation went 

into effect, and what I write you is the result of my investigation.  

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Charles Young Collection

Letter from Wilson Ballard to Hawkins


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