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Letter from Charles Lee Cooke to Charles Young
Address Official Communications to 
the Secretary of State
Washington, D.C.

Department of State

January 26, 1916.

Major Charles Young, 10th Cavalry,
Wilberforce University,
Wilberforce, Ohio.

My dear Major Young:

     I have received your very welcome letter of the 22nd 

instant, and thank you very much indeed for your timely 

suggestion.  Yesterday we sent a telegram to Monrovia, 

stating that the United States Government would be willing 

to sell 500 Krag carbines at $3.50 each and 250,000 rounds 

of ball cartridges therefor at $15.00 per thousand.  It 

seems that these carbines have been used, but have been 

renovated to look like new.  The cost to manufacture the 

carbines was about $14 each and the cost of the ammunition 

was about $30.00 per thousand rounds.  These guns and ammunition 

can be shipped at once, provided the Liberian Government will 

first deposit the cost with the Chief of Ordnance of the 

United States Army.  The Navy Department is about to send a 

collier to take supplies to the CHESTER, and if the State 

Department makes the request, I think the arms and ammunition 

could be sent to Liberia by that channel.  On first thought 

I see no reason why this request should not be made of the 

Navy Department.  The Liberian Government was also informed


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Charles Young Collection

Letter from Charles Lee Cooke to Charles Young


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