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Memorial Address [on Booker T. Washington] Delivered by Emmett J. Scott, Secretary, at 17th Annual Session
          BY EMMETT J. SCOTT                    17
pathway, relieving his life as best she could of
daily fret and care. We do sorrow with the bereft
children of his household who miss the joy of his
presence, the tonic of his fatherly voice. We all
miss him, here and everywhere. My own heart
has felt its overpowering sense of loneliness, its
craving for his presence. I loved him as the son
loves the father in whom he sees the embodied
glory of high ideals, garnered wisdom and experi-
ence. He taught me by his daily life that it is
worth while to live loyally with and for one's
higher self. I owe him much. I shall never cease
to recall his sweet, tranquil spirit, his charm of
manner, his youthful zest in the joy of work, his
love for, and faith in his fellow-man. I shall never
forget his self-sacrifice, his self-denial, his self-for-
  But he is gone. The lighted torch he carried now
passes to our hands. The work he did was work
for the nation. He was not an unprofitable serv-
ant. He gave to his race and to his country all of
physical and mental vigor; he could give no more.
The best, the most fruitful years of his life were
spent in behalf of his fellows. His life will shine
with steady radiance as the years come and go.
Let us hearken to the call he sounded for brave,
patriotic service; let us press forward, strong and
unafraid, with patience and firm resolve, with the
lessons of his devoted life ever before us, to ad-


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Memorial Address [on Booker T. Washington] Delivered by Emmett J. Scott, Secretary, at 17th Annual Session



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