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Colored American Republican Text Book

       Colored men in the Spanish-American War.

President William McKinley Equal to the Occasion and Gives
               Them Prominent Assignments.

  When hostilities broke out between the United States and
Spain in 1898, President McKinley did not hesitate to call upon
valiant colored men to assist in maintaining national honor and
defending the country's flag. Several volunteer regiments were
organized at once and were officered by some of the brightest
men of the race.
  In Cuba, the Negro soldiers distinguished themselves by signal
bravery and daring, the charge at San Juan Hill being a lasting
monument to their valor and courage. As a result of this mem-
orable battle, many were promoted from the ranks to executive
positions. Those who were not assigned to duty in Cuba served
their country by discharging important guard and picket duty.
At the close of the war with Spain, the bulk of the regiments,
white and black, were mustered out. The Negro troopers of the
regular army, comprising the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry and
Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth Infantry, remained in the
  Appreciating the superior services of the Negro troops in the
recent war with Spain, President McKinley decided to increase
the number of Negro regiments in the regular or standing army,
and on the 8th of September, 1899, issued an order for the or-
ganization of two new regiments of infantry to be composed of
colored men. The Democrats protested against this ac-
tion, but  to no avail.    Two  regiments were  called for.
The regiments have been designated as the Forty-eighth and
Forty-ninth Volunteer Infantry, and are being organized, re-
spectively, at Fort Thomas, Ky., and Jefferson Barracks, Mo.
  The full complement of officers has been selected, and follow-
ing are the field officers (white):
  Forty-eighth Regiment--Colonel, William P. Duvall, captain
First Artillery.


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Colored American Republican Text Book


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