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Letter from Charles Young to Harry Smith
Fort Huachuca, Arizona, March 23, 1917.

My dear Harry Smith:-

     I want first to thank you for the copies of the Gazette, which after 

making the rounds of the Border found me here at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, the 

station of the 10th Cavalry.  I distributed the papers to the various troops 

of the Regiment as far as they would go, for the Gazette is too readable to 

hide away or throw aside.  The wonder to me is how you keep up the gait 

throughout the years.

     The thing that struck me most in your issue of March 10th was the 

controversy over Dr. Spingarn's plan for training Colored Officers for 

Colored Regiment in event of War.

     May I say I think you both are right.  You are always contending for 

absolute right, absolute justice, absolute and unqualified equality of oppor-

tunity.  These things in this matter-of-fact old world are ideals, limits to 

be striven for.  From the Editors' view-point I can see how you must stand  

by your guns; but, my dear friend, I have learned that no one in this world has all he wants, 

not even the President of the United States.  (To whom may God give good 

guidance in this hour of our country's peril), let alone the poor and lonely 

ones of work-a-day.  We must all in actual practice at times, stoop to con-

quer, - not cringing, but with our eyes upon a star.  I admit that a whole 

loaf is better than a half; but the half beats none at all.

     Then we Negroes must have a part - a glorious one - in the destiny 

of this country - Our Country.  The one where our fathers [crossed out word "of"] wrought mightily 

in spite of handicaps the most stupendous.  The one whose soil is red with 

their blood freely spilled for American liberties and freedom in every war.

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Letter from Charles Young to Harry Smith


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