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Sociological Department

                     DEALING WITH THE DREGS.
   It would not be easy to find a finer example of social philosophy than is
expressed in the comment in The Jewish World, of London, on the astonish-
ing outbreak of mob violence in Wales against the Jews. In various cities
and towns the Jews were attacked even in their own homes and brutally
beaten. They fled in terror, leaving their belongings to the infuriated
rioters. The better citizens are astonished and shocked at the outbreak
and it has been speedily suppressed; but while it lasted it was violent and bit-
ter, much like a judenhetze or pogrom in Austria or Russia. It is clear that
the charges against the Jews were mainly unfounded. They had to do
with rentals, in large part, and doubtless there were cases of inhumanity
which gave color to the attacks.
  The Jewish World, while denying the main substance of the charges against
the Jews, yet allows that there are dregs in the Jewish population as in every
other. The Christian dregs exist in Great Britain as well as in Poland or
Rumania, and may be stirred up to violence with the cry "Down with the
Jews." But it adds that the Jewish community is popularly judged by
its worst members, and it therefore behooves the Jews themselves to deal
drastically with such membersas continue to be a menace to the community
as a whole.
  We seem here to have the exact parallel to conditious in our own country.
We, too, have a class of people called Negroes, the most of whom are hard-
working and fairly honest people, a valuable element in our population.
But there are dregs among them; and it is these dregs, their indolence,
violence and crime, that endanger the whole of their race among us. The
whole race is too often judged not by their best, or their average, but by
their worst members. A case of murder or rape, committed by one of the
dregs, stirs the community of white people, and the mob attacks all alike,
good and bad, clear spirit and dregs. The passion rises suddenly, flames
angrily, and after the wrong is done the decent and worthy citizens learn
of it too late to prevent and perhaps unable to punish.
  Now the lesson which The Jewish World reads to British Jews, that they
should deal drastically with their worst members, is what needs to be read
to our American Negroes. Let them deal drastically with their drunkards,


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 28, Num. 2

Sociological Department

Volume:  28
Issue Number:  02
Page Number:  605
Date:  10/1911


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