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Tap Hawkins, Ex-Slave Narrative
File							District #6
Copied							Clark County
1-15-41							Racial Group


			Ex-Slave, 79 years.

	"I doan member much slav'ry days, but I does member peekin'

t'ru de fence at Yankee hosses eatin' cawn in Paynes' fiel'."

	"I wuz bawn in Stokes County, Nawth Cah'lina.  My fathah en motha

wuz Henry en Leethy Payne, en us tuck ouah name fum Marse Bob Payne who 

owned us.  Dey wuz nine chilluns in my fam'ly; Mille, Lett, Jim, Adeline,

Willum, Dave, Hunter, en me."

	"I doan member much, kaze I wuz jes' a little tot.  I done heerd 

my pappy say how dey faired; he wuz glad when us wuz freed, kaze he say he

allus want to raise his chilluns free citizens en give em as good a eddica-

tion as he could."

	"I know us moved fum Paynes, en had a little place ouah own whar us

raied terbaccer en farmed, en had cows en hosses.  When de school open us 

chillun went to school."

	"I doan member any games us played, jus' now; but I know us Chillun

played jus' like de othah chilluns."

	"I member folks singin' er song bout, "Old Jeff David T'inks He's

Might Smart", en de name of Abra'm Lincum wuz poplar den en folks t'ink he 

wuz a moughty big man."

	"I done heerd Booker T. Washington speak; he wuz sho' a great speak-

er en a man whut done lots fer his people."

	"I moved up here fum Stokes County, in 1903: Us goes to de Church

er God.  I never seed no babtizin's tel atter freedom, but I done saw lots 


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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Tap Hawkins, Ex-Slave Narrative


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