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Notes for the play - "The Lake of Life"
			The Lake of Life.			n.d.
							c. 1914

Scene I.  1.  Morning.  The boys and girls are dancing around a huge 
            tree while seated upon a circular seat around its trunk are 
            the chiefs and old men of the native African Village.  
            The younger men form a half circle in rear and with 
            the women are clapping hands and singing in antiphony 
            accompanied by the drums.  Tune: "Now my own you see".
          2.  A cloud over casts the sun, while the dance becomes more 
            furious. - Distant thunder is heard. - The dance continues 
            in intensity. - A sudden lightening flash and a terrific 
            thunder peal bring the dancers to a halt and in fright 
            they remain silent. - A bush devil appears and harangues 
            them telling them the lightening & the thunder are the voice 
            of the Good God that is calling them. - Another peal: they 
            fall down on their knees & faces reverently. - 
            Amid the muttering thunder is heard the deep toned voice 
            of Abassi Obumo, the thunder God, saying: "Come to 
            me. oh my children etc". - This is responded to by 
            the solemn chant: "Steal away to Obumo !" -
            The bush-devil becomes excited and in draws in his en-
            thusiasm the Crowd in procession toward the Jungle in a 
            Religious Dance. - This processional has a series of 
            stations in the first of which the children & women are 
            left in various attidues of devotion - some with bowed heads 
            some with upturned faces and imploring hands, other wav
            ing their hands.  The new faces on singing a solemn chant.


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Charles Young Collection

Notes for the play - "The Lake of Life"


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