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Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner
I go recruiting tomorrow as soon as we raise 84 men our company 
will be or organized.
My Capts. Name is Hissony(?) Orderly of Co. I(?).  our second 
Lieut is from the 78th  Regt. O.V. I his name I do not know.  Our 
Orderly  Sergt. is from Co I(?) named  Pesin(?) all the rest of 
the Sergts and all the Corporals are colored.
Do not think dear Wife that my absence from you will be any 
greater for reenlisting for I will get a furlough at the earliest 
date and if this cannot be I will send you money if we are 
encamped at any convenient  place where you can board at some 
house in the neighborhood and you must come down and spend two or 
three months with me this winter.  What do you think of it?   
But never mind, kind Providence will provide(?) the ways and 
You cannot want to see me worse than I want to see you and you 
may rest assured that I will let no opportunity consistent with 
my honor pass without improving it.  Thank God the way is now 
clear if I am spared life and health to raise you myself and our 
children above want and pennry .  Remember me dear wife as I know 
you do in your prayers pray for my success and happy return to 
you arms when the angel of

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Jacob Bruner Papers

Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner


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