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Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903
16                 WOMAN'S M. M. SOCIETY

with interest to Miss Coleman and regretted when she had
  Mrs. Malvina Mitchell then made the annual address, rich
with plans, suggestions and historic fact. Great interest
attached to a letter from Mrs. Coppin which the president read
and to the names of all the Africans at Wilberforce which were
read by Mrs. Mitchell. (See both in another part of minutes).
    Anthem by choir, "Zion is Free."
    Collection by Finance Committee. $3.23 was collected.
    A very touching letter from Miss Charlotte Manye was read
by Mrs. Dovie Clarke. (See letter.)
    Singing, "God be with You."
    Benediction by Pastor, Rev. I. N. Ross.
    Reception to delegates.

        FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 3, 1903.

    Praise service conducted by Mrs. Simon White, of New
Richmond, Ohio.
    Singing, "Stand Up for Jesus."
    Singing, "More About Jesus."
    Scripture Lesson--40th Psalm.
    Singing, "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder."
    Silent Prayer.
    Singing, "Blessed Assurance."
    Prayer by Mrs. Smith, of New Richmond, Ohio.
    A few moments were given for praise meeting at which time
the members present testified.
    At the close of the service the following strangers were
introduced: Rev. Simon White, of New Richmond; Rev. D. C.
Williams, of Cincinnati; Miss Lorena Taylor, Cincinnati; Miss
Stella Ross, Bowersville; Rev. E. Fort, Lebanon; and Miss
Lucille Edwards, Cincinnati.


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903

Date:  1903


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