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Florence Lee, Ex-Slave Narrative


    1.  Florence Lee, who is at present making her home in

the Mary Scott Home for the Aged (colored).  She is origin-
ally from Lincoln County, Ky., as near as she can remember
her birthday is on May 10th, but she does not remember the

year and has no idea of her age.  Her mother's name  was Julia
McMicken. During the slave days, she did housework, no hard
work, received no money in payment but was not treated as a
slave, had plenty to eat, food seemingly the same as the
average person has at the present time, plenty' of smoked

meat and some fresh meat, vegetables and  cooked about as
we are used to cooking.  They had plenty of possums, fish and
rabbits in addition to their other meat.  One thing she re-

members particularly is dried corn.  She remembers  they cooked
the corn partly, then dried it in the sun and packed  it away

for winter.  Sauer Kraut was another popular food.  Her

family had a private garden, which her father tended only
on Saturdays.

     They wore cotton dresses, gingham as is now known, shoes
and stockings always.  Her stockings were hand knit in fine

yarn and in most cases were striped. These were for summer
wear and in winter they used what they called plaid linsey-

woolsey.  They never wore heavy shoes and had no particular
Sunday clothes.


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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Florence Lee, Ex-Slave Narrative


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