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Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903
                  OF THE A. M. E. CHURCH.                 39

mond, O.; Miss Mary Weathers, New Richmond, O.; Mrs. Sada
J. Anderson Ft. Robinson, Neb.; Mrs. J. R. Jackson, Xenia, O.;
Mrs. Edna L. Woodson, Wilberforce, O.; Miss Adelaide Tantsi,
South Africa; Mr. Chas. Dube, Mr. Jerry Menze, Mr. Mbulaleni
Kuzayo, South Africa; Bishop B. W. Arnett, Wilberforce, O.;
Rev. D. C. Williams, Cincinnati, O.; Rev. W. H. Thomas, Cir-
cleville, O.; Rev. S. W. White, New Richmond, O.; Mrs. Amanda
Nelson, Cincinnati, O.; Mrs. Pocohantas Hubbard, Cincinnati,
O.; Mrs. Lloyd Johnson, Cincinnati, O.; Mrs. Isabella Dorsey,
Cincinnati, O.; Miss Viola Dorsey, Cincinnati, O.; Miss Lelia
Adams, Cincinnati, O.; Mrs. Ella Stanton, Cincinnati, O.
    Dues were sent by the following who were unable to
Mrs. Jennie Higgins           Miss Martha Ruggs
Mrs. Birdie Dickerson         Mrs. Irene Turney
Mrs. M. F. Sydes             Mrs. Eliza Johnson
                      Mrs. Lena Hyman
                        NEW MEMBERS.
Mrs. Julia Roots              Miss Jane Johnson
Mrs. Eva Stone                 Miss Anna Fagin
Mrs. Jane Finley               Miss Minnie Scott
Mrs. Sadie Hamilton           Miss Carolyn Weakly
Mrs. Louisa Smith             Mrs. Ella Thomas
Mrs. Amanda Hilliard          Mrs. Lillie White
                     HONORARY MEMBERS.
Rev. I. N. Ross               Rev. W. B. Thomas
Rev. S. W. White              Rev. D. C. Williams
                     Respectfully submitted,
                                   MRS. P. A. RANSOM,
                                   MRS. EVA STONE,
                                   MISS CAROLYN WEAKLY.


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903

Date:  1903


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