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Colored American Republican Text Book

                Counting Up Our Profits.


In Nineteen Months He Has Received Double the Patronage
   Accorded by Any Previous President, with More to Follow
   --A Partial List of Colored Men Appointed.

  On the 4th day of October, William McKinley closed the
nineteenth month of an administration unrivalled in point of
interest and historical significance since that of Abraham Lin-
coln.  Few Presidents, even with the very best of intentions
and inspired by the most patriotic impulses, have been able to
maintain their hold upon the public confidence and to command
the hearty support of the practical politicians after the bulk of
the "loaves and fishes" have been distributed, and pet measures
have failed of immediate adoption. For, in the nature of things,
there are not enough offices to go around and the crystallization
of party platforms into laws takes time. Therefore, many de-
serving of recognition for valuable service rendered the party
are disappointed, and the advocates of special theories are
obliged to wait for the fruition of their hopes. In many cases
these unavoidable lapses have engendered a bitterness so intense
that the close of a President's first year finds him in a most em-
barrassing and anomalous predicament with regard to his party
and the country.
  Not so with William McKinley.  He has proven himself to
be the President of the entire American people, and they have
been quick to understand and appreciate the fact. No consider-
ation for party expediency, or whim of faction, or favoritism of
section has at any time influenced his action or prescribed his
position upon any of the trying questions of the hour. He came
into power when the industrial condition of the country was at
a low ebb. Supreme confidence in his statesmanship, respect for
his financial wisdom, and admiration for his lofty character have
all combined, with magic celerity, to restore the nation to its
normal prosperity and happiness. He has stood faithfully by


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Colored American Republican Text Book


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