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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3
342                   CHURCH REVIEW.

things in what we call the word of God ! How it will help hint
when he reads the word "light" in the first chapter of Genesis,
to know something about light, and its wonderful properties and
laws, and its wonderful power in this great universe of nature,
in giving life to almost all we see around us, and furnishing us
with sight itself. How it would help the preacher to know the
air he breathes, and all about it, and the waters above and below
the firmament. How it would help us all to know the worlds
around us in space, and be able to count the laws that govern
them in their courses through the heavens of space. For these
laws of nature are but the servants of God, doing his will every-
where. How it would help us, in short, to read the whole book
of nature, in all its laws and operations. We would read the
Bible with more interest then, and understand better the great
school-house that God has built around us, that our minds and
hearts might unite in praise to Him who is the Author of the
universe, and the Father of our spirits.
  Now, I say, to be a great  preacher, a suitable preacher, in
this nineteenth century, it does seem to me that the widest and
highest training is to be desired,  We still have foes to fight,
even under the reign of the Prince of Peace. They are mighty
foes. They are infidel men, who spend a whole lifetime of intel-
lectual effort to prepare for an attack upon the church and
against the Bible. Ought not the church to have men, too, who
are willing to spend a whole life of intellectual labor, in order
to defend it against such attacks ?  Does not the Church need
men among its teachers who can meet infidelity on any field,
whether in logic or astronomy, or in history ? Surely she does.
And the church of to-day could (lo no better work than to nmake
many of her preachers university graduates, in the highest
sense of that term, We need philosophers in the church, as
well as in the state. We need scientists in every pulpit, if we
could get them; men who can real nature as well as Latin and
Greek, for "the heavens declare the glory of God; and the firma-
anent showeth his workmanship. Day unto day uttereth speech,
and night unto night showeth knowledge." Their voice is heard
among all the tribes of men, and makes music in every clime.
"Their line has gone out through all the earth and their words
to the end of the world." (Psalm xix.) "By His spirit the Lord
hath garnished the heavens; He strecheth the north over the
empty place and hangeth the earth upon nothing. Lo, these are
a portion of his ways; but how little a portion is heard of Him."
(Job, xxvi.) Yes, how little is known of the Bible and the God
of the Bible, even among us ministers and teachers of the peo-
ple. How narrow and contracted is our view of God Himself,
simply because in our little school we fail to take in a study of
His works above or around us.  We study God as if He were
but a mere theory; but God is a Doer, an Actor. His thoughts
and his words are living forces, daily, momently, and forever
carrying out the mighty processes of life, and motion, and being; 
forever creating. forever developing, from age to age, His mighty


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3

Volume:  06
Issue Number:  03
Date:  01/1890


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