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Proceedings, Held in the City of Columbus, January 16-18, 1856

                                OF  THE

                      STATE CONVENTION OF COLORED MEN,
     Hold in the City of Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 16th, 17th & 18th, 1856.

  The Convention was called to order by            GREENE COUNTY.
the Chairman of the State Central Com-      James Lott.
mittee, and, on motion of John Booker,             SCIOTO COUNTY.
D. JENKINS was chosen President, pro        John Miner.
tem, and JOHN BOOKER appointed Secre-  
tary.                                              CUYAHOGA COUNTY.
  After reading the call for the Conven-    John Malvin.
tion, on motion of P. H. Clark, in was re-  The Committee on permanent organi-
solved that the delegates elected from      zation reported the following gentlemen as
Franklin county, and all gentlemen pres-    officers of the Convention, which report
ent from other parts of the State, who are  was unanimously adopted:
willing to enroll their names and partici-           PRESIDENT,
pate in our proceedings, be considered             JOHN  J.  GAINES.
members of the Convention.  The follow-
ing gentlemen enrolled their names as del-            VICE PRESIDENTS,
egates:                                      L. D. Taylor, C. H. Langston, A. Flinn,
            LORAIN COUNTY.                   Thos. Benford, C. A. Yancey.
  J. Mercer Langston, Solomon Grimes,                  SECRETARIES,
J. H. Harris.                                John Booker, Granville Foster, W. D.
           FRANKLIN COUNTY.                  Harris.
  D. Jenkins, L. D. Taylor, C. H. Langs-     The following committees were then ap-
ton, John Booker, W. B. Ferguson, J.         pointed:
Poindexter, James Evans, Isham Martin,                 ON BUSINESS,
J. S. Ward, George Johnson.                  John M. Langston, C. A. Yancey, John
           HAMILTON COUNTY.                  Booker, Charles Williams, and John J.
  John J. Gaines, Peter H. Clark, George     Gaines.
Johnson.                                          ON STATE ORGANIZATION,
            JACKSON COUNTY.                  Messrs. P. H. Clark, Charles Williams,
  C. A. Yancey.                              James Poindexter, John Booker, and A.
           HIGHLAND COUNTY.                  J. Scott.
  Anderson Flinn, Granville Foster.                    ON ADDRESS,
             ROSS COUNTY.                    Messrs. Peter H. Clark, C. H. Langs-
  D. E. James, C. D. Williams, J. A.         ton, C. A. Yancey, D. Jenkins, John Wil-
Chancellor, J. H. Williams.                  liams, Solomon Grimes, and A. Flinn.
           PICKAWAY COUNTY.                           ON PETITIONS,
  Hinton Coles, Lewis Toles.                 C H. Langston, L. D. Taylor, D. Jen-
          CHAMPAIGN COUNTY.                           ON FINANCE,
  Lewis Adams, Henry Ford, John H.           D. Jenkins, G. Johnson, and J. H. Har-
Williams, Francis Adams, George Rey-         ris.
nolds.                                                ON PUBLICATION,
             LOGAN COUNTY.                   C. H. Langston, John Booker, and D.
  A. J. Scott, R. Heathcock, Wm. Wal-        Jenkins.
den.                                         At the close of the last evening's exer-
         ASHTABULA COUNTY.                   cises, Rev. Mr. Turban came forward and
  H. T. Rankin.                              presented the Convention five dollars in
          DELAWARE COUNTY.                   behalf of the ladies of Bethel Church--
  U. D. Harris, J. Bruce, J. J. William-     in consequence of which the following
son.                                         resolution was unanimously adopted:


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Proceedings, Held in the City of Columbus, January 16-18, 1856


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