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Letter from John Frecure to Charles Young
		                  Monrovia, Liberia,
				     June 17, 1920.

Col. Chas. Young, U.S.A.

My dear Colonel:

	This Comes to inform you of Certain facts
which I feel that I am compell to tell you.
	Colonel, thou you might think I am lying,
but, you dout know how truly I love you:  you
rember once you asked me if I ever had a
friend, and my reply to you was, "I never had a
true friend" but you are the only friend I have,
because since I been with you, you have acted to-
wards me as [crossed out word "and"] a friend.  You have did
more for me, and have shou're more interest in me
than my own tather, therefore I cant but love
you and appreciate what interest you have for me.  
	Colonel, I am not keeping any woman
in this place nor no where els.  the truth of this
hold thing is, I fool[crossed out "l"] with my-self to often, therefore
I will stop.
	Colonel I am worried about my deeds, the
Idea they have to be sold for 3: 0: 0 just fancy,
120 acers of land, 1/2 in Coffee, it worries so much. 
	Colonel I "will" do better than I have been
doing and you will see in after days:
	Now Colonel, I want to tell you this one
thing, I would like very much to stop here with
you as webster, symbo, and all the other[crossed out "s"] boys
here, but if you just could believe what I
say, and tak me to word from to day, I would
be very glad.

			Your truly
			John Freeman

[written along left side margin of letter
 "correct this letter and show me this mistake colonel."]

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from John Frecure to Charles Young


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