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Item Description
Telegram from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
Western Union Telegram [Western Union seal]
Newcomb Carlton, President	George W.E. Atkins, First Vice-President

Class of Service Symbol
Day Message
Day Letter Blue
Night Message Nite
Night Letter NL

If none of these three symbols appears after the check (number of words) this is a day message.  Otherwise its character is indicated by the symbol appearing after the check.

Form 1204

Received at  21 South Detroit St., Xenia, O.
38 C S 115 Govt Rush 1 EX
								Young 117 BP
Di Washington DC 130PM Jul 23-18

Col Chas Young

	Wilberforce Unvi Wilberforce O

Your friends here white and colored myself included deeply anxious that 
you favorably consider matter of taking command of student army training 
camp at Washington DC beginning August first extending to September 
eighteenth next thereafter you will have supervision and coordination of 
military training in all colored colleges and universities this in our 
opinion is a dignified and influential assignment wire decision immediately 
howevery in case you disapprove abve suggestion kindly recommend one or two 
colored officers capable of commanding student army training camp 
whom you think are now available Green and Davis are out of country

				Emmett J Scott

						Special Assistant Office of the Secretary of War

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Telegram from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young


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