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Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia
were of any profession, I replied that Mr. Wilkinson was A 

Minister of the Gospel, and that he devoted himself to his religious 

office; and that Mr. Allen was in trade, but that he spent his 

time principally in doing Good; here I could not resist the impulse 

I felt to do justice to the character of my friend by an Euloqium 

in which, however high it might appear, I was conscious I did not 

exceed the bounds of Truth, after which I said that of the many objects 

which occupied Mr. Allens attention that of forming public Schools 

was among the foremost, and that I knew he wished similar 

establishments might be formed in his (the Emperors) Dominions.

     He replied abruptly, that he supposed I knew that there were 

Schools in Russia but perhaps they were not on so improved 

a Plan as those in England.  I answered him by saying that the 

difference lay there, I then said a few words on the Mechanism 

of the English Schools, and that in consequence of the great number of Boys 

which one Master could teach, education became cheap, so as to 

be even within the power of the Poor, I then enlarged on 

the benefits of Education, and observed that his own Empire 

was great and powerful, but what would it be, if his subjects 

were improved by a wise and universal Education, his Empire 

would be more Powerful, more happy, and more permament, 

nothing contributed so much to make subjects useful, orderly 

Virtuous, and happy, as an acquaintaince with the truths of 

the Gospel, and Education, in as much as it taught them to 

Read was one of the outward means of enabling them

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Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia


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