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Memorial Address [on Booker T. Washington] Delivered by Emmett J. Scott, Secretary, at 17th Annual Session
           BY EMMETT J. SCOTT                     9
   and anxious to walk humbly and work humbly with
   his God for the welfare of his race, and there is
   not one of you here, not one of you tonight, black
   man or white, who does not know that every word
   I am speaking is the exact truth."
  There have been those who have sought to read
into Mr. Washington's life a spirit contrary to
Colonel Roosevelt's estimate. That is why I have
ventured to bring to your attention this just evalu-
ation of the spirit which characterized his life and
his work. Humility is not servility.
  Let us, my friends, remember him as Guide,
Philosopher, Friend, unspoiled by the great honors
which came to him, for there was in him no room
for personal vanity, or weakness. He was the type
of leader who saw fundamentals clearly. Despite
criticism and reviling, he was not ashamed to hold
that each individual must acquire his own basic
character, those qualities and fundamental virtues
which  make  him  a useful member of society
through practical, purposeful work. Industry and
thrift were the gospel which our great leader
preached and practiced with a vigor that could not
fail to win. Year after year he thundered from the
platform of the National Negro Business League
that it is only through industry and thrift that the
Negro is to win his way permanently. His mes-
sage fell on eager ears, and he lived to see a race
stirring with hope, throbbing with ambition, step-
ping forth and demanding a "place in the sun,"
producing results, triumphing over difficulties.


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Memorial Address [on Booker T. Washington] Delivered by Emmett J. Scott, Secretary, at 17th Annual Session



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