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Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia

to know these Truths, In this point of view these Schools were of 

inestimable value.  He replied that there was no sure foundation 

for peace, order, and Happiness among Men, but the Christian Religion 

and added "this is quite as necessary for Kings as for People"

     I then informed him that Mr. Allen and those who labour'd 

with him on this subject were not labouring for a private or 

a partial good, the view extended to the whole World, and for 

this purpose they were educating Foreigners of different nations 

to qualify them to carry the System of the British Education 

into the countries to which they severally belonged, they had lately 

Educated one from Denmark, and another from France, and 

they would be very glad to Educate one from Russia, with 

the same design.  On hearing this the Emperor seemed to be well 

pleased, and said "You may be sure I should be glad to promote 

the System in Russia;

     He said he was sorry to take his leave of me so 

soon, but he had more engagements than he feared he could 

perform while he staid in Paris, he added "Remember 

me kindly to Mr. Allen, and his good friends the Quakers 

and tell Mr. Allen, that I wish him to write to me on the Subject 

of his Schools, he may depend upon my countenance in Russia.

     He then took hold of my hand again, and said, "my best wishes 

accompany you to England, and if I can at any time be useful 

to the cause of the Poor Africans, you may always have 

my services by writing me a Letter.

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Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia


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