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Black Battalion: Speech of Hon. Joseph B. Foraker of Ohio in the Senate of the United States, 1908

 ing up the town, and that he believed most of the shooting was done
 by men in Company B, but that he had never been able to get any in-
 formation from any of the soldiers. He mentioned several little scrapes
 that he had been in himself, but I am thoroughly convinced that Howard
 knows, personally, nothing about the shooting.
   I will await further orders here.
       Respectfully,                                 GILBERT JONES.
                                        LOUISVILLE, KY., May 9, 1908. 
 W. G. BALDWIN, Roanoke, Va.:
   Arrived here to-day. Located George Jackson at 1202 Walnut street,
where he is employed by the street railway company. Have arranged
to get board across the street from where Jackson lives, and understand
he is fond of baseball and hope to be able to take him out on Saturday
   May l1.--I met Jackson to-day.  Only had a few minutes to talk
with him, but will arrange to call at his house to-night.
   May 12.--Was with Jackson about twenty minutes last night, and find
that he was discharged from Company B and is pretty sore about the
way he has been treated by the President.  Jackson says that he does
not believe that any of the soldiers did the shooting, but that it was
done by town people.  Have arranged to go out with him day after
to-morrow night.
   May 15.--I was with Jackson for some time last night and talked
very freely over the shooting and the way the soldiers had been treated
by the white people at Brownsville.   He says he knows absolutely
nothing about the matter, but stated that they had been warned by
their attorneys and had been expecting some white detectives to call on
him at any time to try to pump him.  He said he did not intend to talk
to anyone about the case, as he knew nothing about it. I feel sure that
there is no chance to get anything further out of Jackson.
                                      C. J. TALLEY.

                               OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA., May 11, 1908.
  I had some trouble locating J. Reeves, but found him at 225 West
Grand avenue, this city. He was employed by the Myle-E Adams Cigar
Company. This man is one smart negro.
  May 12.--I saw Reeves again to-day and he refuses to talk anything
about the case. Said he had told all he knew, and did not know any-
thing in the first place, and could not tell anything if he wanted to.
Further stated he was satisfied that I was either working for the Gov-
ernment or for some of the Senators, or connected with some news-
paper; that he knew nothing and did not want to be bothered.
                                                      C. MAYFIELD.

                                      EL RENO, OKLA., May 26, 1908.
W. G. BALDWIN, Roanoke, Va.:
  Just arrived here and have located Temple Thornton, 718 North
Evange street.  Had a talk with him and find that he was a member
of Company D.  He says he was asleep at the time of the shooting and
that he did not believe any of the soldiers in his company knew any-
thing about the shooting; that if it was done by any of the soldiers, it
was done by either B or C company. He says he has never been able to
tell who really did the shooting; that the majority of the soldiers be-
lieve it was done by the town people or the Mexicans.
  May 28.--I saw Thornton again last night but was unable to get any-
thing further out of him.  He says that all of the soldiers have been
cautioned by friends and their attorneys not to do any talking in regard
to the shooting.  Am satisfied that this man has nothing to tell.
       Very respectfully,
                                                      C. J. TALLEY.

                                    ROCK ISLAND, ILL., May 30, 1908.
W. G. BALDWIN, Roanoke, Va.:
  I had considerable trouble in locating A. Franklin. Went to Des
Moines, Iowa, 318 West Third street, and found that he had moved to
Rock Island, where he is now located at 222 Twenty-second street.  I
lost several days locating him, but finally located him and have had a
talk with him.  Franklin is a pretty smart negro and will be hard to


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Black Battalion: Speech of Hon. Joseph B. Foraker of Ohio in the Senate of the United States, 1908



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