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Henrietta McCarthy, Ex-Slave Narrative

     Henrietta McCarthy, also from Mary Scott Home, was raised
in Bargeton County, Ky., and has practically the same story
as above, except for the fact that she did nothing but take
care of babies.  Her treatment was fine and they lived and

ate in the "Big House" and were nicely treated by the entire
family. Knows nothing of any mistreatment of slaves.  Heard
in some cases of runaways and things of that sort, but knew

nothing except from hearsay.  One of the ladies, however,
stated that there was a certain line a short distance from

the plantation on which she lived.  This line evidently was
an imaginery one , probably a plantation boundary or some-
thing of the sort  and seemingly when a slave ran away and

got over that line they were not hunted, but at times after
a slave had run away, Sword was passed out by the master that

they would see this party or that had given him the word that
he had been sold and to go such and such a place instead of

returning to his former home.

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Item Description

Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Henrietta McCarthy, Ex-Slave Narrative


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