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Letter from Lottie to [Charles Young?]
                           Camp Pinewolde
                           Windham, N.H.
                           16 August, 1921

My dear Charley,
	No dead elegant stationary stamped 
nor otherwise - but maybe you can handle 
it with songs to hold it at sufficient dis-
tance to prevent contamination and yet at 
reading range.  I am of the proletariat.  
But, just now, not of the "working classes", thanks 
so a summer vacation 	one of the compensations 
of school teaching.
	It was good to have your letter even 
if it did say my brother is going to the Devil.  
You ought to know.  I have just written him 
and sent a hymn and some prayers I have 
come especially to love this summer.  I'm sending 
you to carbon copy of the same.  I am almost 
alone here in this woods on the edge of a lake - 
and are having some of the peace and trust 
and beauty of God's world	  the trees and 
the water especially 	How they do search faith 
and peace and relaxation of mind and 
body.  Only Nell Datches and I have been here 

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Charles Young Collection

Letter from Lottie to [Charles Young?]


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