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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3
290                   CHURCH REVIEW.

the building; saw over the Crystal Palace, and many other
grandeurs of England, through the influence of this gentleman.
I shall never forget the kindness of Mr. Fletcher toward me;
first, as a servant to him in 1864 and '65, and now, as a guest in
his drawing-room in August, 1886. I was sorry I could not
spend a longer time with him, as he wanted me to do.
  The Inter-Colonial Exhibition being commenced, it was my
desire to spend a few days in London, and then take a short
trip to Scotland for a week.  I also had to spend a week at
Bristol, by invitation.
 I attended services in the famous Westminster Abbey, St.
Paul's Cathedral, and visited the Tower of London.
 My route from India to St. Thomas, West Indies, was as fol-
lows: By P. & O. steamer from Bombay to Marseilles, France,
calling at Aden; through the Red Sea to Suez; then through the
Suez Canal to Port Said; then across the Mediterranean Sea to
Marseilles; then by railway through France, stopping at Lyons,
Paris, Boulogne, Calais; then across the channel, by steamer,
to Dover, England; then by rail to Charing-Cross, London; by
rail from London to Southampton; then by the Royal Mail
Steam Packet Co's Steamer to St. Thomas.  On our way from
Port Said to Marseilles, we passed through the Strait of Mes-
sina, having Italy on one side and Sicily on the other. I think
the most beautiful scenery in the world is here; the two dif
ferent countries so near each other; the vineyards, cities and
villages all to be seen distinctly from the deck of the ship, with
naked eyes. Later in the day, we entered the Strait of Boni-
facio, with Corsica on one side and Sardinia on the other.  The
burning mountain, Mount Etna, is also plainly to be seen when
passing through the Strait of Messina.,
 Returning from St. Thomas to England, by the same Com-
pany's steamer, "Medway," calling at several of the West India
Islands before crossing the Atlantic. I noticed that the West
Indians are employed in great numbers on these steamers as
stewards, cooks, sailors and stokers.
 My time drawing near to leave England and return to India,
I engaged my berth on board the P. & O. steamer "Bengal."
We had a grand passage out. Their Royal Highnesses, the
Duke and Duchess of Connaught, were among our passengers.
The Duke is the third son of the Queen.  He was going out to
Bombay, to take up his appointment as commander-in-chief of
the Bombay army.
  We started from the Victoria dock in September, calling at
Gravesend, then to Gibraltar; here I saw one of the hundred-
andl-ten ton guns From Gibraltar; our next stop was at Malta;
here the Duke and Duchess embarked:, they having travelled by
yacht to Malta  During the voyage, the Duke spoke to me sev-
eral times, from Malta to Port Said. Electric lights were placed
on bard the "Bengal."  Passing through the Suez Canal, our
next next stop was again through the Red Sea, at Aden; from
there we went to Bombay, where we arrived on the 4th of Oc-


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3

Volume:  06
Issue Number:  03
Date:  01/1890


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