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Letter from W. Johnston, Adjutant General to Dr. W.S. Scarborough
In future correspondence on this subject, refer to A.G. 210.64 (Wilberforce University,) A.R.

War Department,
The Adjutant General's Office, 

September 14, 1917

Dr. W.S. Scarborough,
President, Wilberforce Unversity,
Wilberforce, Ohio.

Dear Sir:

	In response to your letter of the 8th instant in 
behalf of the detail of Colonel Charles Young, as Professor 
of Military Science and Tactics at Wilberforce University, 
you are informed that no officers on the active list of the 
Army are available for detail at educational institutions 
during the present emergency, as their services are urgently 
needed on other important duties.

	The War Department is replacing the active officers 
relieved from college duty with retired officers wherever 
possible, but is unable to secure a retired officer suitable 
for detail at Wilberforce at the present time.  As soon as 
a suitable retired officer can be located, institutions which 
maintain one or more units of the Reserve Officers' Training 
Corps, and also the land-grant institutions which are now 
without the service of an officer are provided for, consideration 
will be given the detail of an officer at Wilberforce.

	Colonel Young is now on duty in the office of the Adju-
tant General, Columbus, Ohio, and no permission is needed from 
the War Department for Colonel Young to assist Wilberforce 
University to the full extent of his capacity until called to 
other active duty, provided satisfactory arrangements can be 
made with him. 

Very respectfully,

W.  Johnston
Adjutant General.

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from W. Johnston, Adjutant General to Dr. W.S. Scarborough


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