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Julia Ann James, Ex-Slave Narrative

File                     19/3/270                          District #6
                                                       Clark County
1-15-41                                               Racial Group

                                 JULIA ANN JAMES

                            Ex-Slave, age 83 years.

      "I cum fum Rickin'ham County, Nawth Cah'lina.  'Course I wuz'nt

very big when de war broke out, but I can member lots o'things."

      "Mother wuz named Cah'lina, en father wuz Cain Smith.  Dey both

belong ter de same fam'ly but dey live en diffu'nt places.  Six us chillun

 en mother stayed with ole Marse Drewry Smith.  He had sech er big fam'ly

dat dey done live en all diffu'nt parts en tended things fer him on his

other plantations.  Smith owned mos' all o' Stokes, Scurry, Forsyth, en

Rockin'ham Counties, en he had er thousand slaves. He had 20 chillun- 'leven

by his first wife en nine by de second wife.

      "Marse Drewry had his own tan yard, right dere on de place, en five

 stillhouses.  Dey wuz shoemakers, harness makers, en weavers what wuk all

 de time.  He done hire sev'ral poor white 'omans what done weavin' fer twenty

 five cents er day.  Three cooks wuk in de kitchen all de time. Some de

 'omens dey kep' busy makin' shirts, en dresses fer de girls.

       "De Smith boys en girls had plenty o' dey own pusnal slaves.

 Dey wuz er gang of em, en eight o'de boys wuz en de Rebel armies at

 one time."

       "Mother wuked en de field. I done lots o' knittin'-  stockin's en

 sech like.  Many de time I used broom straws fer knitten needles. Us 

 dyed our own cloth fum walnut hulls en wood, brush blossoms, en sometimes copper

 te help mek er diffu'ny colorin'.  Course de color wuz'nt jes'.  as pretty

 as dey mek now, but dat dye it wash good en diden mek de goods fall ter

 pieces, like some de stuff dey use now.


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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Julia Ann James, Ex-Slave Narrative


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