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Letter from J.E. Moorland to Charles Young
Alfred E. Marling, Chairman				       B.H. Fancher, Treasurer
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General Administration
Jesse E. Moorland
1816 Twelfth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 
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John B. Watson, 140 Henry St., Atlanta, Ga.
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Channing H. Tobias, 1450 Gwinnett St., Augusta, Ga.
Mordecai W. Johnson, 1816 12th St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
Max Yergan, Army Work, India

The International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations
124 East 28th Street, New York
Colored Men's Department

Washington, D.C. 
Sept. 6, 1917.

Colonel Charles Young, 
Wilberforce, Ohio.

My dear Colonel,

	 I thank you so much for your good letter of August 16th 
received on return to my office today.  After all, my good 
intentions may be worth while sometimes.

	In company with several other men, I had a conference 
with the Secretary of War the other day at his invitation.  
It had reference to what was the best thing to do regarding 
the encampment of colored soldiers owing to the Houston 
trouble.  Every man said to send these men with their re-
spective units no matter where it carried them.  I told 
him that under your command there would never be a riot and 
he remarked, "Of course Colonel Young is an exception" and 
I remarked that you were not the exception but the rule if 
he would give us a chance.

	He informed us that you had been called back to active 
duty.  I hope this is true.

	Let me hear from you just as soon as you can.  I wish 
some kind of decision would be made so we could get ready 
to hoist our YMCA tents for the good of the boys who will 
so nobly defend Old Glory.

	Kind regards to all from Mrs. Moorland and myself.

							Very truly yours,
							J.E. Moorland

Since dictating 
this letter the good
order had has been made.

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from J.E. Moorland to Charles Young


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