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Letter from H.O. Atwood from Edwin Barclay

							War Department, R.L.
							Liberian Frontier Force,
							Greenville, Sinoe County, R.L.
								29 October, 1921.

From:  	H.O. Atwood, Capt. L.F.F., Com'dg., CRD.	

To:	The Honourable Edwin Barclay, Acting Secretary of War R.L. (Through Military Channels).

Subject:	Breach of Military Law.

1. I have the honour to report the following breach of 
Military Law:  on two occassions Capt. L.L. Smith, (whose immediate 
Commanding Officer I am) has submitted reports direct to Major J.H. 
Anderson, C.O., L.F.F.  Such action is contrary to all Military Law 
as well as usage and custom.  These reports should have been submi-
tted through Military Channels and then, if they were not forwarded, 
it would have been perfectly right and proper to submit them direct.

2. The fact that this procedure occurred twice and that 
the Commanding Officer, L.F.F. was himself my informant both times 
can but be construed by me as an intentional insult, especially in the 
light of a letter received by me from the C.O., L.F.F. in the last 
mail.  I refer to paragraph 4 in the first Ind. made by the Comman-
ding Officer himself in reference to the expiration of the Contract 
with the Liberian Govt., I quote his exact words, "Please address 
the communication to His Excellency, the Secretary of State, Acting 
for the President, THROUGH MILITARY CHANNELS".  The above clearly 
shows that he feels and knows the importance of Military Law, usage, 
and costom to Military Discipline and Morale at least in so far as 
he himself is concerned.

3. The first time the matter was overlooked but on its 
repetition it was absolutely necessary that relief from such condi-
tions be sought else the discipline of my command would be seriously 
impaired if not destroyed and its usefulness be ended.

4. To the manner in which the above reports were per-
mitted to be made can be traced the unfortunate condition now exist-
ing in regards to SIKON.  Capt. A.C. Bean has been ordered to remove 
his troops now in Sikon to the Coast.  As these are the only troops 
now in Sikon and in fact the only ones available for duty there, the 
carrying out of the order will leave Sikon without troops.  The C.O., 
L.F.F. had uniforms shipped to Lt. Jango's men per Capt. Bean long 
after these men had been clothed by me at Nyaake, CRD. and were no 
longer stationed in Sikon.

5. The troops which Capt. Bean and myself are taking 
into Sikon with us are chiefly men who after the Conference is 
finished in Sikon have been promised that they will be allowed to go 
either on furlough or be discharged most of them having served 
their five year enlistment.

6. Request that Capt. L.L. Smith be, at least, repremanded 
and that I get the proper redress for the insult given.  I further 
request that troops be assigned to duty in SIKON as it would be a 
fatal mistake to leave the country without troops at this time.

				I have the honour to be
				Your obedient Servant
				(SGD.)  H.O. Atwood.

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from H.O. Atwood from Edwin Barclay


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