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Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903
30                 WOMAN'S M. M. SOCIETY

                      THE CRADLE ROLL.
    Frequently letters are received requesting suggestions and
new ideas.  In obedience to this demand, your corresponding
secretary received permission from the president to create a new
department, the Cradle Roll. The idea is borrowed from
advanced methods in Sunday School work. While especially
adapted to Junior Societies, it may be used with pleasure and
profit in the senior societies. The plan is to get enrolled all
little folks under four years of age. Let each member get upon
her list as many babies as she can find whose mothers are will-
ing to donate one penny a week to the missionary society. She
will be the Little Mother of all upon her list. Now the idea may
be developed at pleasure. Record is kept of all little tots and
all birthdays observed. Souvenir cards from the society to the
babe are given upon each birthday, one side containing the,
babe's history, the other side his contributions for the year,
suitable missionary sentiment, etc. In the Cradle Roll move-
ment, we may look forward to three results.
    First.--The mothers and friends of the little ones will
become interested.
    Second.--When the little ones shall have reached a rational
age, they will be benefited by seeing their names upon the Cradle
Roll. At four they may be expected to "graduate" into the
Junior Societies.
    Third.--The missionary treasuries will be increased.
    I cannot conclude this report without a word of tribute to
the courage of our women. Few are women of leisure. Some
are self supporting; almost all have family cares. This year
especially has seemed to be a year of want, pestilence, and
famine. Our Zanesville society has perhaps suffered most, for
their church was closed six weeks on account of small-pox. But
in the face of difficulties, our women have scorned defeat, put-
ting their trust in Him who has never lost a battle. We find
ourselves able to turn in to our mother church, the largest suc-


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903

Date:  1903


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