African Americans in Ohio

A listing of collections in Ohio based on the subject of African Americans in Ohio.

African American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920
The African-American Experience in Ohio 1850-1920 is a digital collection brought together from a number of individual sources specifically for this project. These sources include manuscript collections, newspaper articles, serials, photographs, and pamphlets. It was our intention to bring together as many diverse sources as possible to provide evidence of the diversity and complexity of African-American culture during this time period and to let those sources tell their own story without interpretation.
National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center (NAAMCC)
The National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center near Dayton aims to educate the public about African American history and culture from African origins to the present through a variety of programs, including museum exhibits, research and publications, visiting scholars, oral and visual history and adult and children's educational activities.
Siebert Collection
The Wilbur H. Siebert Collection contains correspondence, notes, manuscripts, student papers, maps, and photographs related to the Underground Railroad. Research material includes the responses generated by his seven-question survey and copies and notes from a wide variety of sources: books; diaries; letters; photographs; newspaper articles; biographies and memoirs; state, county, and local histories; annual reports; trial records; U.S. and Canadian census reports; legislation; and Congressional speeches. Siebert also conducted interviews with Underground Railroad agents and former fugitive slaves. He organized his research by state and county, eventually binding his notes in volumes according to the location of the Underground Railroad station or activity. The collection contains bound and unbound volumes of Siebert's research. Over 4,700 items from the collection are digitized here. This material represents all of the Ohio items in the collection. Materials related to other states are available on microfilm. online subscription
Other resources on African American topics on Ohio Memory
Various manuscripts, picture mediums, poems, and records from multiple contributors.
Ohio History Central, topics on African Americans in Ohio
An index of hundreds of specific topics related African Americans in Ohio.

Sensitive Collections Statement

The Ohio History Connection Collections are comprised of many culturally significant materials. Some were created to be private or confidential and are now accessible as part of the historical record. Some contain offensive images, language or content which reflect the creators’ views or those of the period in which they were created, written or recorded. Many are not appropriate by today’s standards of respectful expression and actions. They serve as reminders of the importance of increased cultural competency, inclusion and equity.
We recognize our past role in promoting these perspectives, and we are working to ensure that the histories we preserve and interpret today encompass the experiences of all those who have called Ohio home. There is much work yet to do. Please view our new strategic plan to see where we are headed.
Please note that as part of our commitment to presenting American Indian perspectives, the Ohio History Connection complies with the directives of authorized tribal representatives regarding the public presentation of images and information from their ancestral communities. We do this in accordance with federal law and our American Indian Policy.