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Ohio Annual Conference, Reports and Resolutions Adopted
             REPORTS AND RESOLUTIONS                    3

  It tells of a spiritual miracle that in one day shook the
capital of Judaism from center to circumference and
brought three thousand into the Christian church. It af-
firms that when the Spirit of God does its creative work,
"Old things pass away, behold all things are new."
  The catyclysm of war, like a thunderstorm of an over-
heated day, is clearing the atmosphere of the thought; sud-
den and mighty changes seem near at hand.  Prophetic
minds see the dawning of a new day for all human relation-
ships. The night is dark.  Very dark.  But there is prom-
ise of coming day.
  To the mere casual observer it may seem that the con-
quest of the world for the cause of Christ has been halted
if not hindered, our missionary plans for the extension of
the Kingdom of God arrested, and the time to which the
prophet referred when men shall "Beat their swords into
ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks" may
seem vague if not meaningless. But not so to those who
have within the spirit of interpretation and who really be-
lieve what the Bible teaches.
  We know that there are things which cannot be shaken.
Chief among these things are the surety of God's word and
the omnipotence of God. Though the whole earth be swept
by storm and tempest, kingdoms and thrones tumble from
their bases before the onrushing hosts of many of whom
seem bent on placing a chaplet on the brow of fame;
though cherished institutions be caught up like whirling
eddies of dust before an approaching storm, still God sits
upon His throne and rules the destinies of men.
  The claim is made that had those whose business it was
to act as interpreters as it regarded the teachings of Jesus
remained steadfast to His teaching; if they had made more
of Him; if they had persistently exalted His authority and
demanded that kings and potentates alike regard His man-
dates, this war would never have happened.
  Whether we are in accord with this charge against the


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Pamphlet Collection

Ohio Annual Conference, Reports and Resolutions Adopted


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