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Ohio Annual Conference, Reports and Resolutions Adopted
              REPORTS AND RESOLUTIONS                    7

greater than Satan and all the demons of hell; yea, greater
than all the other evil forces of the world combined. The
mighty tyrant is silently going to and fro in the world,
wrecking homes, stealing the pure desires of the soul and
controlling the appetites until the cries of misery are heard
from the "four corners" of the earth.
  The champions of liberty are in battle array, blotting out
the forces of misery and woe. Shall we compromise with
John Barley Corn?  No, they sing together in unison. The
victims of King Alcohol must be given a chance in the
game of life as well as the victims of Kaiserism.  We are
no doubt thinking to-day of our loved ones who have been
called to the great ministry of sacrifice during this great
war. Probably a tear now and then steals down our cheeks
and our hearts grow sad as the shadows gather, but amid
it all the comforting thought comes, that they have died
that we might live, anew, covered and encircled by the
moring dew of a new freedom. But what about the vic-
tims of the liquor traffic? Have they not died by the mil-
lions; do not their loved ones think of them and mourn
their death? Do comforting thoughts break in upon them
as the shadows gather?  Alas, no, never! They have died
an untimely death, filled a drunkard's grave, and brought
shame and dishonor to their homes. Oh, Christian men and
women, in the name of High Heaven, let us arise and tor-
pedo this monster and send the thing to the bottom of hell
where it belongs.
  Probabaly the greatest agent of the liquor traffic is the
saloon, with its bars, wine rooms and gambling tables,
This agent in Ohio alone sells $60,400,000 of liquor every
year and we get in return for this great amount of money
expended, ruined lives, degraded homes, politics corrupted,
disease and crime scattered to the four corners of the state.
Not only do the saloons sell liquor, but they teach men and
women to gamble and give the manhood of the nations
the opportunity to violate the womanhood of the world.


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Ohio Annual Conference, Reports and Resolutions Adopted


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