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Ohio Annual Conference, Reports and Resolutions Adopted
              REPORTS AND RESOLUTIONS                     9

year the breweries of this land use millions of tons of coal.
This coal is simply wasted. Why  not close these "pest
houses" and use the coal in keeping the firesides of this
country warm when the chilly blast begins to blow.  Last
winter many of the churches and schools were forced to
close on account of the fuel shortage, yet the breweries
run day and night. Oh, the shame of the whole matter.
God will not always be mocked! Oh, men preachers of the
abiding Gospel of Jesus Christ ,let us by our influence and
vote for state-wide prohibition this fall, close every brew-
ery and rum shop in the fair state of Ohio. It can be done.
There are already 28 dry states and two dry territories.
Let us make Ohio the 29th dry state. A number of states
have ratified the prohibition amendment. Let us aid in
electing dry legislators that will enable the dear old state
of Ohio to fall in line and do likewise. From every stand-
point we can behold the beneficial effects of nation-wide
prohibition. From an economic standpoint the results are
wonderful. Millions of dollars are being saved every year
and the food supply has not been wasted in those units
where prohibition has been given a fair chance. From a
social standpoint the results are also pleasing. The social
order is free from much of the misery and woe that brings
unhappiness and the great upkeep of jails, police stations,
poor houses and the other charitable institutions is a minor
consideration where prohibition flourishes.
  From a political angle the results are worth while. Poli-
tics in dry territory is free from much of the great corrup-
tion and graft that flourishes in places where the wet ele-
ment predominates. It is astonishing to note the effects
from a moral and religious standpoint in prohobition dis-
tricts. The moral tone of the units is on a high plane. The
evil tendencies of the flesh are subdued and crushed to a
great extent and the Church of Jesus Christ is respected
and honored beyond measure.  In fact, the soul more fully
realizes the purpose of life when out from under the awful


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Ohio Annual Conference, Reports and Resolutions Adopted


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