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Ohio Annual Conference, Reports and Resolutions Adopted
              REPORTS AND RESOLUTIONS                    11

our country is in a state of war. Upon the gory battlefields
of France and Flanders, eager for the conflict and panting
for victory, side by side with our war-tried Allies and their
loyal sons from every clime and country, of every race va-
riety, complexion and creed, the warriors of our country
are fighting, through a savagery of strife unparalled in the
history of the ages, and unknown even in the annals of
heathen sway or pagan dominion. We have loosed our em-
battled legions in this world-war and our soldiers-black
and white, brown, yellow and red are proving worthy of
the foeman's steel, and true to the glory of our country's
                   Concurrent Changes
  We cannot overlook the fact that this war has brought a
revolution in the practice of our national life, and it would
be strange if it did not bring change in our national ideas-
moral, social, industrial and even religious. We believe that
our old dependence for security on long established forms
and thrones is passing, and we are seeing, more clearly,
what it means to be in the vanguard of world civilization,
a distinction we claim, and of which we have made quan-
dam boast.  Now we are brought to the test. To-day this
world civilization is in death-grapple for its existence. We
are hearing in effect the trumpet blast of the warring hosts
-the awful thunder roar of belligerent science, in flame and
fume, in shell and shrapnel, in gleaming falchion and de-
structive torpedo, in the air, and on the ground, on the
bosom of the ocean and under the sea, all in violent action
to shatter the hope of human liberty. Millions are to be
conquered, millions are being slain, ruthless spoilation and
wanton rapine prevail, womanly chastity is brutally dishon-
ored, innocent childhood and defenceless age all alike vic-
tims of the ungovernable ambition of a crowned and
sceptred "man of sin." Empires are laid waste, cities are
leveled in ruins, kingdoms are drenched in blood. We are
standing in the bewildering solitude of a broken world.


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Ohio Annual Conference, Reports and Resolutions Adopted


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