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Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902
    Minutes of the previous meeting held in Mechanicsburg, O.,
were read and adopted.  The Annual Program was then taken
up for debate.
    1st, Physical and Spiritual Cleansing.  II Cor., VII chap.,
1st verse.  The topic was introduced by Rev. Matthew Toomey,
of Lebanon, O., in a most interesting manner.  The brother said
that it is the duty and obligation of every believer in Christ to
keep his physical body clean as well as the spiritual, which is an
emblem of purity.  Some soul stirring remarks were made by
Rev. Richard Meredith, Rev. H. C. Bailey, Rev. J. J. Jackson,
Rev. J. M. Riddle and Rev. H. D. Prowd.
    The following named Brethren were examined by the com-
mittee of Elders on Credentials and were found worthy of com-
mendation for membership, and were introduced to the Institute
and Convention, and the hand of fellowship given by the Presi-
dent and Elders:
    Rev. Matthew Toomey,  Rev. H. Clay Robinson,  Rev. R.
H. Hall, Rev. G. W. Carr, Rev. John H. A. Taylor, Rev. J. G.
Orr, Rev. G. A. Glymps.
    Meeting adjourned to meet at 1:30 p.m.
    Benediction by Rev. W. Balay.
                     AFTERNOON SESSION.
    Western Union Baptist Minister's Convention met in session
by the call of the President, Rev. Peter Everett.  Meeting
opened by reading Scriptures, 23rd Psalm by Rev. G. W. Jones.
Hymn, "Revive Thy Work Oh God," prayer by the President,
Rev. Peter Everett.
    The committee of investigation concerning the charge against
Rev. Conrad Goode for organizing and pastoring a church whose
faith and doctrine is contrary to the Regular Missionary Baptist
church was called for and read by the Secretary.  By motion the
report was received.  After considerable debate a motion pre-
vailed that the matter be laid over until next quarterly  meeting
of the Convention to be held in College Hill, O., Dec. 4th and
5th, 1902.  This was done in order to give the said Bro. Goode
an opportunity to meet the committee and explain his position.
    The President introduced Rev. Moses Nye, a Christian con-
vert of the Baptist church from the Jewish Religion.  The broth-
er made some very effectual remarks concerning his conversion


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Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902


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