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Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902
ministry, as the people can only be lead right by proper leaders.
    The following were introduced to the Association: M. D.
Bracher, city; Rev. Dr. A. M. Lewis, Allegheny, Pa.; Rev.  E.
D. Danridge, pastor of Shiloh, city; Rev. F. P. Green, Michi-
gan.  Rev. T. J. Carter and Brother H. C. Porter, were appoint-
ed to conduct the praise service Thursday, 9 a. m.
    The special committee on accident of the President made
their report, which was read by Prof. Curry  and received and
adopted. Collection $5.11. Benediction, Rev J. J. Jackson.

                 THURSDAY, SEPT. 3, 9 A. M.
    The devotional services were conducted by Rev. T. J. Carter
and Brother H. C. Porter.  Rev. S. H. Ferguson, pastor of Coy
M. E. Chapel of the city, was introduced.  The Journal of yes-
terday's session was read and adopted with corrections.
    Hon. H. C. Smith of the city was introduced.  Rev. J. M.
Riddle was allowed one-half hour at the evening session to speak
on the work of the Publishing House of Nashville, Tenn.
    Hon. G. W. Hays was compelled to leave for Columbus, as
he is a member of the Ohio Legislature; before  going he gave
some very timely remarks of interest to this body, which were
received with warm hearts.
    The London letter stated that the money would be sent on
later.  By motion said money was to be equally divided between
the State Mission and the Curry School.
    The Committee on New Churches reported the Unity Baptist
church of Cincinnati, O, for membership. The same was re-
ceived and the representative, Rev. J. P. Burney, came forward
while the Moderator gave him in behalf of the Association the
hand of fellowship. Collection $1.01. Benediction, Rev. Steel.

               THURSDAY AFTERNOON, SEPT. 3.
    Vice-Moderator, Rev. W. H. Grimes, called the Association
to order and conducted the devotional services.
    Rev. T. H. Copeland, pastor of the C. M. E. church, city,
was introduced.
    Rev. Dr. A. M. Lewis, Allegheny,  Pa., corresponding mes-
senger from the Allegheny Baptist Association of Pennsylvania,
made his report.  He gave an interesting account of the work


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Pamphlet Collection

Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902


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