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Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902
that is being prosecuted by said body in Pennsylvania.  They
have 53 churches in an excellent condition, doing Mission and
Educational work.  He said that they had endorsed the Curry
School and fully intended to do all they could to support this
    Dr. Lewis  made  a very favorable impression upon all
present and represented his Association in a very creditable man-
ner.  His remarks were received by a standing vote.
    Rev. Alexander Jackson, Ph. D., Secretary of the Executive
Board of the Cleveland Sunday Union, was introduced. In the
ourse of his interesting and brilliant remarks he made mention
of the remarkable progress made by the Negro race. He entered
a plea for a strict observance of the Lord's Day and asked the
support of the great Baptist family in securing the same.  Hls
talk was practical and well received.  Prof. Curry sang, "I stood
outside the Gate."
    Moderator Grimes introduced Rev. T. Timberlake, pastor of
St. John, Springfield, who had been selected to deliver a sermon
on Temperance. Text, Gal. 5-15, theme, "A Firm Stand."
Outlines:  1st, Salvation free to those who stand under the bonds
of freedom. 2nd, the bonds of freedom require that men be gov-
erned by principles issued from God's word.  He entreated our
race to abstain from the use of intoxicating drinks. Be temper-
ate in all things and live upright lives for God and humanity.
    Prayer, Rev W. P. Cradic, Columbus.   Collection $1.55.
    The Eastern Union Baptist Association was represented by
Rev. Cradic, who brought fraternal greetings from said body.
The same were received.  Benediction, Rev. Timberlake.

                      EVENING SESSION.
    The devotional services were conducted by Rev. Dr. Prowd.
Rev. J. M. Riddle was introduced and delivered a most eloquent
address on the Publishing House at Nashville, Tenn. A collec-
tion of $17.06 was taken for the Publishing House.
    The music rendered by the choir was an exceptional treat.
Rev. I. V. Bryant made the report on State Missions and deliv-
ered some pointed remarks touching the same. The 4th Sunday
in September was set as a special rally day for State Missions.
Benediction, Rev. Bryant.


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Pamphlet Collection

Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902


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