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Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902
during the past year on account of the failure of the pastors and
churches to respond to the appeals of the State Mission Board,
    Therefore be it Resolved,  1st, that all moneys sent by the
churches to this Association for Missions not otherwise provided
for, be turned over to the State Missionary in order to liquidate
as far as possible, the debt now due.
    2.  That one Sunday between now and the Convention be
set apart by this Association on which a special effort shall be
put forth to raise means in order that the debt now  due the
State Missionary may at that time be paid in full.
    Committee: I. V. Bryant, J. M. Riddle,  H. C. Robison,
R  C. Minor, H. C. Porter, R. D. Phillips.

    Brother Moderator of the Western Union Baptist Association.
We, your Committee on Education, submit the following:
    Whereas,  The geeat need of the times is Education, there-
fore, we your committee recommend the education of the heart,
head and hands.  1st.  We  hold the proper education of the
heart is seen and known in our obedience to God's word.  2nd.
We hold that the head is best educated, which can both say and
do the right thing at the right time.  3rd.  We  hold  the
success of every wage earner is in being able to take oppor-
tunities by the forelock. We therefore endorse Industrial Educa-
tion and recommend that parents and guardians of the young
encourage every young man and woman to learn some trade.
4th.  We recommend that every minister of the Western Union
Baptist Association foster education and endorse all honorable
means of obtaining it. That each minister composing this body
do more dilligently now and henceforth study to show himself a
workman approved of God that need not be ashamed of the exe-
cution of his work which his Master has left for him to do.  5th.
We commend all schools that are laboring to bring about the bet-
terment of the race and to enhance the glory of God.  6th.  We
endorse THE INFORMER, and recommend more extensive reading
of Christian literature,  All of which we most humbly submit.
    Committee: Revs H. C. Bailey, Rev. J. J. Jackson, R. D.
Grant, J. M. Riddle, H. H. Harris, W. P. Cradic, Prof.
E. W. B. Curry, A. A. Hampton.


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Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902


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