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Minutes of the State Convention, Convened at Columbus

James Dunlap, John  Booker,  L. D.  Taylor, John Brown, C. H.
Langston, J. Freeland, J. H. Johnson, James Poindexter, John T.
Ward, Sterling  Heathcock,  J.  Bird, Thomas Harris, Jerome
Stebot, Felix Whitsill, Mills Melton, Levi Day, E. Whitsill, Wm.
P. Morgan and  President, 28.
  C. H. Langston, reported on a resolution that was referred to him,
which was adopted as amended.   After which, James Poindexter
reported a resolution, which was adopted as amended.
   On motion of C.  H. Langston, that there be a committee of
three,  to report an address to the Constitutional Convention, which
is in session in the city  of Cincinnati, and further, that W.  H.
Day be Chairman of said  committee,    On motion, it was resolved
that C. A. Yaney and C. H. Langston, constitute said  committee.
   The 20th resolution was taken up and adopted.
  The 21st resolution was taken up, and Mr. James Poindexter,
moved to amend the  resolution, by stricking all out after the word
resolved, and insert, that it is imperative on the colored people  of
Ohio to immediately establish schools under the Common School
Law of 1849.   W. H. Day, offered the  following amendment or
substitute to the foregoing, that they show their appreciation of
the School Law of 1849, by establishing schools under it.
  Mr. Brown of Franklin, moved to reconsider the 14th resolution.
  While Mr. Brown's motion was  pending, the Hamilton Delega-
tion were announced  to the  Convention, and on presenting  their
credentials, they were premitted to take seats.  Joseph H. Perkins,
John I. Gaines, John Jackson, Lawrence W. Minor.
  The motion of Mr. Brown to reconsider prevailed.
  On motion, the resolution was referred to a select committee  of
on., C. H. Langston constituting said committee.
  The 17th resolution was taken  up  and adopted,  the following
gentlemen constituting said committee, H. Ford Douglass chairman,
C. H. Langston, Wm. H  Day, J.  Mercer  Langston,  D.  Jenkins,
James Poindexter, J. McCarter Simpson.
  After which the Convention adjourned to Friday morning nine
                      MORNING SESSION.
                                 COLUMBUS,  Jan. 17th, 1851.
  The First Vice President in the Chair.  The  Convention  was
opened by a portion  of the 133d Paslm being read by the Rev.
T. N. Stewart; J. I.  Gaines of Hamilton, was called upon  to
address the Convention.
  On motion of Mr. C. A. Yancy of Jackson, the resolution  relat-
ing to Superintendants of Public  Schools, and that a petition to that
effect be laid before the Ohio Legislature now in session, was amend-
ed by stricking out the second part, agreed to.   The  resolution
reads as amended:  Resolved, that the Convention petition the Ohio
Legislature, to appoint a Colored Superintendant, to oversee  the
interests of the Colored District Schools.  Passed as agreed to.
  C. H. Langston, moved that the 21st resolution relating to a
National Convention, be taken up.  On motion of Mr. Perkins, it
was referred back to the business committee for revision.


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Minutes of the State Convention, Convened at Columbus


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